It has come to EMC's attention that unscrupulous scammers are posing as online EMC recruiters and victimizing unsuspecting job seekers by offering fictitious jobs at EMC. 

Please note:

  • EMC does not interview candidates on-line, using Google Hangout or any other service, for work-from-home positions.
  • EMC does not mail, electronically send, or wire any payments to prospective job candidates for them to purchase equipment for employment with EMC.
  • EMC never requires candidates to send money in exchange for, or as a condition of, an offer of employment with EMC. 
  • EMC encourages potential candidates to be suspicious of any unsolicited contacts they might receive from “EMC” regarding resumes they posted on LinkedIn,, or other websites.
  • Potential candidates should also refrain from sharing any personal information with anyone who (unsolicited) offers them a position with EMC.
  • Finally, if you suspect that you have been a victim of this type of employment scam, EMC would encourage you to immediately notify your local police department and EMC's Corporate Investigation Services group at