Industry Collaboration

The responsibility of making changes at industry scale does not reside with any one company. Instead, the changes needed to shift to a more sustainable world require engagement and collaboration with peers. Only then can the landscape of environmental issues impacting our industry and society be effectively understood and addressed. The IT industry shares deep interconnections throughout the value chain. Our collaborative approach helps identify emerging trends and issues, and enables us to make smart decisions about where to focus future efforts.

Industry Experts and NGOs
In addition to leveraging the contributions of tens of thousands of company employees, we also reach out to external stakeholders as a guide to sustainable innovation at the company. This includes a long list of community leaders, academia, non-profit organizations, industry experts, customers, shareholders and suppliers.

In 2015, we collaborated with many different partners, industry groups, local governments and universities, including:

We also collaborated with many local organizations around the world.

Consortium Memberships
Consortium memberships are another important means for engaging with the greater IT community. Our employees – ranging from engineers to sustainability professionals – actively participate with industry groups to transform the future landscape. Our memberships include: